Pre-Buy Propane Option

Avoid Fluctuating Gas Prices

We offer the option of a pre-season purchase of propane for those of you who want to protect against the possibility of a price rise over the course of the next year.  We have no reason to anticipate any particular movement in price during the year ahead.  However, the future can never be predicted with certainty. Prices can move up or down.

If you prefer to protect against the risk of a rise in price over the course of the next year, we offer a pre-buy option. This option enables you to purchase in advance all the gas you think you will need during the coming season. We neither encourage nor discourage the use of this option.

Pre-Buy Program features:

  • Availability: From now till August 31, 2020
  • Price: Our current retail price on date of pre-buy plus 15 cents per gallon
  • Payment: Due in full on date of pre-buy
  • Minimum Quantity: 300 gallons
  • Maximum Quantity: Not to exceed previous 12 months purchases
  • Deliveries made after Sept 1, 2020, will be considered to be from pre-buy
  • Delivery of all gas purchased must be taken by May 1, 2021 (Any gas not delivered by May 1, 2021 will be refunded less $0.25 per gallon)
  • Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about the Pre-Buy Program

If the pre-buy option appeals to you, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your preferences.